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Electronic Business System
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In this website, it will introduce the information and the features of the electronics business system. This include:
The background information and the introduction of electronic business system
The user expereiences in the eBS phrase 1
The benefits of using eBS2
The key features of eBS2
The application procedure of eBS2
Recommended Hardware & Software
The enquiry information of eBS2

The background information and the introduction of electronic business system
The introduction of eBS is to maintain Hong Kong's position as a world-class port and an international maritime center, to improve trade facilitation of port formalities and shipping related activities as well as enhance the operational efficiency. The phrase 1 of the electronic business system was rolled-out in December 2003. The system provided e-Form service to provide 90% e-option of the services to public, the shipping industry can perform electronic submission of port formality documents and user account registration electronically through the web portal.

The user experiences in the eBS phrase 1
In the eBS1 rolled-out in 2003, agent need to go to Immigration Department (ImmD) and Marine Department (MD) in person in order to complete a declaration of arrival. Also, form filling can be tedious by repeating the information required and is prone to errors. Agents need to collect permit or certificate and may be required to settle the payment in person. The agents account management was also inflexible with limited functions.

The benefits of using eBS2
To enhanced these inefficiency on port formalities operation, there are numbers of benefits to use the new eBS2. Round-the-clock and round-the-world online submission of applications, auto approval of port formalities, ease of use, counter-less settlement of payment, self-printing of Permit/ Certificate, online application status tracking, one stop lodgement service related to Marine Department and Immigration Department and autonomous in account management. We will describe the benefits in details in later sections.

The key features of eBS2
In eBS2, we will retain the number of existing functions with the enhancement on the features, all these enhancements are greatly improved the efficiency to what the system. The features in eBS2 includes internet access system, 24 round-the-clock form submission, vessel's static information per-filled, import and export of data in e-Form, vessel selection, multiple vessels submission, batch submission. Online application are approval e-Payment, e-Printing, application status tracking, one-stop lodgement and account administration.

 • Internet access system
As eBS2 is the internet system, register users make access the system anywhere as long as the internet connection without geographical barrier.

 •24 round-the-clock form submission
In eBS2 is a 24 service up operation system, it allows you to submit form or check the application round-the-clock and anytime.

 •Vessel's static information per-filled,
To simplify the form filling process, eBS2 provides data auto filling function on forms. The registered information of the users would be displayed and per-filled when creating new forms that shorting application time and decreasing error.

 •Import and export of data in e-Form
eBS2 support import and export the function form, you can download the forms to or upload the forms from users' local computers.

 •Vessel selection
Having the vessel's information recorded the system, eBS2 allows you to select the vessel to be processed from the list and short the time to application.

 •Multiple vessels submission
To short the time for daily input, eBS2 allows you to choose the multiple vessels for the application submission.

 •Batch submission.
eBS2 allows you to submit the batch application to system, users might notly to submit the application one by one but in the batch status.

 •Online application auto-approval
To save the waiting time for approval, eBS2 introduced the two other approval functions for some applications, the system automatically approve the application and user might get the permit or certificate in shorted time.

eBS2 provided electronic payment features to allow you to pay right on the application submitted, the amounted charge will be deduced automatically from the resisted dedicated bank account of your company. No in person payment separate required of each application submission.

You are allowed to print the approved permit or certificate to using your own printers. It would be the time saving and you no longer to pack up the permit or certificate at the offices of Marine Department.

 •Application status tracking
eBS2 allows you to search and check the status of the submitted application.

 •One-stop lodgement
To simplify the progress of application processing, eBS2 provided the one-stop lodgement feature which allow accepted application to be at last to Immigration Department and Marine Department by single application submission. User is no longer to required to submit the application to different department separately.

 •Account administration
In eBS2, shipping agent would managed their own user account with the account management module of eBS2. It greatly enhance the flexibility on an account management.

The application procedure of eBS2
The registration on eBS2 would be easy and time saving, just the few steps to complete in account setup process. First, you could optionally set up the auto-pay account by completed direct debit authorization form with dedicated bank, then you filling the eBS2 user registration form and submitted to Marine Department together with other required supporting documents for verification.
To set up the auto-pay account, shipping agent should filling the direct debit authorization form. After filling the eBS2 registration form, you should submit the form according to the guidelines.

Recommended Hardware & Software
To use eBS2, we recommended the PC if required Intel Pentium 4 processor, 1GB memory and among support resolution of 1024 by 768.
Also, the recommended the PC is installed Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 2.0 with browser, Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set 2001 (HKSCS - 2001) and Java Runtime 1.6 on Windows XP.
For internet connection, we recommended use the ticket-less system with 512 Kbps bandwidth of the connection to obtain the best result.

The enquiry information of eBS2
For any enquiry, please feel free to send the email to Also, you may contact us by calling 8108 2812 during office hours.
Our office hours are from 8:30am to 5:30pm on Monday to Friday and 8:30 am to 1:00pm on Saturday.
Please be minded that eBS2 is an additional means for ship owners to submit port formalities, the existing manual (to office) method is still available to the shipper-less.

We hope this website would allowed you to understand the electronic business system better.
Marine Department