What is Electronic Business System (eBS)?

The Marine Department (MD) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the administrator of the port of Hong Kong and is responsible for all navigational matters in Hong Kong for ensuring safe operation of the port and shipping in Hong Kong waters and administering the Hong Kong Shipping Register.

In order to support Hong Kong as a major international shipping center and as a hub port for China and world trade, MD has launched the eBS to provide a new means for the shipping agents and citizens to handle port formalities and other shipping related activities in contrast to the conventional counter services.  Nevertheless, the conventional counter service is still available to the public.

The eBS provides a one-stop solution to simplify and speed up the submission and processing of port formalities without incurring additional charge to the shipping agents and companies.  It also covers formalities required by the Immigration Department (ImmD) and the Department of Health.

What are the benefits of eBS?

  • One-stop lodgment service related to MD and ImmD
  • Online submission of applications and issuance of Permits / Certificates
    • Round the clock
    • Round the world
  • Eliminating data input redundancy
    • Vessel's static information pre-filled
    • Import and Export of data in e-form
    • Flexibility in vessel selection
    • Multiple and batch vessels submission
  • Online payment via auto-pay
  • Auto-approval for online application
  • Self-printing of Permits / Certificates
  • Online enquiry for application status
  • Autonomous account management

How to join the eBS ?

If you want to join the eBS, please visit the REGISTRATION page.


Recommended system requirement

Note 1: Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox install update automatically.

Note 2: For security and performance reasons, Microsoft only supports the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system. It is recommended users access eBS online services through the latest version of Internet Explorer for their respective Windows operating system (Internet Explorer 11 in Microsoft Windows 7 or later versions). More details are available from the official website of Microsoft .