Do I need to pay for using eBS?
It is free of charge to use the services of eBS.
Do I need to register with the Marine Department before using eBS?

eBS provides services for shipping industries and individuals.

For services for shipping industries, which grouped under menu “Login to eBS (For Registered Users)”, you needed to be a registered user. To register for services for shipping industries, you need to submit the completed registration form together with the required documents to the Marine Department.

For selected services that are appropriate for submission by individuals, including “Seafarer and Examination Services”, you do not need to register beforehand.


When the eBS comes into operation on 28 April 2008, will the counter services be still available?
The eBS is only a value added web-based service. You can choose to use counter services or eBS services or part of the eBS services whichever suit your operational needs.
Why the logo shown on a Port Clearance Permits or other certificates issued by Hong Kong Marine Department is not in blue colour and the thickness of the paper seems thinner than before?
Upon the commencement of eBS, shipping agents and masters of ships can apply their Port Clearance Permit through web submission and can print the Port Clearance Permit by themselves. Therefore, the thickness of the paper used for printing the Permit may be different. In order to standardize the colour of the Permit, starting from 28 April 2008, the Permits issued by Hong Kong Marine Department will all be in black and white. Please also refer to Marine Department Notice No. 55 of 2008 for details.
Who should I call if there is any problem with eBS services?

Please call the following parties in case of :

What are the system requirements?
Please refer to Recommended system requirement
I cannot open eBS pop-up window. What should I do?

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Open [Internet Explorer].
  2. On the [Tools] menu, point to [Pop-up Blocker], and then click [Pop-up Blocker Settings].
  3. In the [Address of Web site to allow] box, type *, and then click [Add].
  4. Click [Close].

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open [Mozilla Firefox].
  2. On the [Tools] menu, click [Options...].
  3. Click on the [Content] icon in the list on the top.
  4. Click the [Exceptions...] button beside the [Block Pop-up windows] option.
  5. In the [Address of Web site] box, type *, and then click [Allow].
  6. Click [Close].
Why do I being logged out by the system frequently?
eBS has enhanced the security measure to prevent client login from more than one IP address. User accesses eBS with more than one IP address in the same session will be logged out immediately. Please contact your technical support to restrict using single IP address when navigating eBS website.
I encounter the message "This Connection is Untrusted". What should I do?
  1. Download "Hong Kong Post e-Cert CA 1-15 "
  2. A new window "Downloading Certificate" will popup, check all the boxes, then click [OK].
  3. Restart your browser

Please refer to "Instructions of installation of CA Certificates " for more information.

How to enable compatibility view for Internet Explorer 11?
  1. Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, and then select Compatibility View settings.
  2. Under Add this website, enter the URL of the MD web site, and then select Add.

Please refer to “Fix site display issues with ‘Compatibility View’ in Internet Explorer 11 ” for more information.